About Romania

Romania is located in the south-east part of Central Europe. Romania is a part of European Union. Romania’s territory is covered mountains, hills, fertile plains and lots of lakes and rivers. The Carpathian Mountains are located the center of the country. Forests cover more than a quarter of the Romania and the fauna is one of the most beautiful in Europe including deers, lynx, bears and wolves. The Danube River is forming there one of the largest and the most impressive water lands in the world called the Danube Delta. Romania has a moderate climate, similar to this which is in the northern United States. There are four distinct seasons. There are some important regional differences in climate between other regions of Romania. Since centuries, the economy in Romania has been based on agriculture. Romania is a producer of coal, natural gas, iron ore and oil. The raw materials in this the country are a great potential for industrial progress.

Real Estate market in Romania

There are many real estate investment options in Romania. Tourist areas covers about the 150-mile Black Sea coast this is fantastic opportunities to invest. The Transylvanian suburbs are the alternative way for people who are looking to buy low quality properties for cheap prices. If the tourism market prices increases as planned, such properties could be used as holiday rentals. Romania presents the investor with an exceptional chance to earn some cash from the ascension of an eastern block country but the time line this opportunity is limited. With the amount of interested clients is very high it means that an investor could have bought and sold a real estate and earn a 10% profit in less then 2 weeks in the Romanian real estate market. Investors from Europe and from the United States were important to make 2008 the year with the highest known level of residential construction. Good local knowledge is very important. Remember that all the land registry documents must be very precisely and correctly filled because about 70 percent of land in Romania is still not properly registered.

Montenegro Real Estates

About Montenegro

Montenegro is for sure one of the most interesting places in the world. Even if it only covers 14,000 km2 and has approximately 670,000 citizens, its contribution to world cultural heritage is impressive comparing to its size … Montenegro is a southern European and Mediterranean country. It is one of countries that comes on the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. About 500 km from Rome, 1.500 km from Paris and Berlin, and about 2000 km west from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan peninsula in the heart of Europe. Montenegro is the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many aspects, is located in the southern Adriatic. There is nowhere else that you can find in such a small place, so much natural beauty, sunny gold beaches, lakes, fast rivers and gorgeous mountains. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the shores of Lake Skadar, and enjoy the evening walks in the mountains of Montenegro. Montenegro is a place that you can not stay indifferent. It is also a fantastic place for investment. Real estate prices in Montenegro are still growing.

Montenegro map image

Real estate market in Montenergo

Over 50% of all private capital in Montenegro is currently invested in real estate and construction projects, both public and private nature. The property market in Montenegro is now probably the stronger growth in the real estate market worldwide. In just three years, prices have almost tripled and thousands of Montenegro property buyers bought their holiday villa, stone house, apartment, land with the land to build their own house or commercial property. Montenegro real estate market exploded in 2006 - a huge interest of foreign buyers of products just a chaotic situation: the enormous differences in house prices, a whole series of new and very often, lack of professionalism of real estate agencies, plus agents with no experience or formal knowledge. Foreign companies, mainly in the United Kingdom and Russia have also started their real estate projects in Montenegro. The prices for real estate investors are still attractive, it is expected that the curve of rising interest rates Montenegrin properties would not be resolved soon. The main property Byers in Montenegro come from Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. There is an upward trend of interest in Germany and France too. UK, buyers are either investirors search of profits or individuals who fell in love with this beautiful country and decided to buy their own holiday home on the coast. Russian buyers are increasingly interested in properties around Sveti Stefan and Budva.

Real Estates in Greece

About Greece

Greece is a mountainous country in southeastern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Its total area is about 130,800 km. sq. The Greece is surrounded by the sea and the islands. The islands takes 20% of the whole country. This Mediterranean country has around about 1400 islands of which almost 200 are still inhabited. The most of these islands are spreaded i between the Greek and Turkish coasts. Greece has a population of 10 million in which 4 million are living in Athens, the capital. Luckily for international investors, Greece is one of the poorest countries of the European Union. Greece’s economy has improved after the being a part of EU and integrated currency (the euro). No doubt Greece is an agricultural country, 22% of the workforce is employed in agriculture. The rest of workforce is directed 27% in industry and 50% in touristic services like hotels, travel agencies contributes most to the economy.

Greece map

Buying property in Greece

Greece is considered by many as the place to built their dream house. Greece has one of the most undescribable places like Greek islands, where Greece offers so much beauty, it can be ideal for the home you’ve always dream about. Through all Greece, you can find a great spectrum of various types of assets that are available for you to buy. Apartments, houses, villas and large fields of land you can find all over the Greece and the Greek islands. There are local real estate agents operating in Greece who can help you with any kind of information about the property market in Greece. Greece is also popular with those seeking to buy land on which to build their own house. There are many development companies in Greece that can help you to build the house of your dreams.

Bulgaria property

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country located in South Central Europe, it is placed in the central part of Balkan Peninsula. It’s a part of European Union since 2007. On the west Bulgaria shares boarder with Serbia and Macedonia, on the south - with Turkey and Greece, with Romania on the north and there is a Black Sea on the east (see the map below). Bulgaria has got 8 million population and it’s area is 111 000 sq.km. The Bulgarian climate is moderate and continental with four seasons. Bulgarian summer is hot and dry and winters are cold and snowy. Bulgaria features many pleasures for everyone. Active people can find themselves in swimming, skiing, riding, climbing… If you want to relax Bulgaria has amazing landscapes, sunny beaches. With it’s history and culture every lover of sightseeing will be satisfied, there are many monasteries and churches, historic towns and beautiful small villages. Ancient culture, endless beaches and an emerald sea, high mountains with marvelous gorges and caves, clear lakes and rivers full of fish, healing springs, wide valleys, ancient culture, diverse flora and fauna, hospitable people, tempting cuisine and wines… that’s the advantages the Bulgaria is famous with.

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Why to invest in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian property market is relatively cheap. It absorbs many investors’ attention from all over the world. Bulgaria offering a great climate for tourism. If you’re looking for a house, apartment or villa for vacations there are wide variety of properties available in Bulgaria. Many people are interested in buying property in Bulgaria for themselves. Of course people are buying properties in Bulgaria for personal use and as an investment. If you deciding to invest in Bulgarian real estates, the touristic places should be the right choice. Bulgaria has got both sea and ski tourism. That’s why the number of tourists has increased lately. The Bulgarian real estates market offers plenty of investment opportunities. According to the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction report, the prices of real estates in Bulgaria have increased by 145% in the last three years. The prices of apartments and houses in Bulgaria have risen by over 60% for the last year but they’re still many times lower comparing to all European Union countries. Bulgaria is going to be a part of the Euro zone at some point, it might happen as early as in 2010, and probably not later than 2012. So don’t miss your chance until it’s not too late.