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Romania Real Estates

About Romania

Romania is located in the south-east part of Central Europe. Romania is a part of European Union. Romania’s territory is covered mountains, hills, fertile plains and lots of lakes and rivers. The Carpathian Mountains are located the center of the country. Forests cover more than a quarter of the Romania and the fauna [...]


Real Estates in Montenegro

About Montenegro
Montenegro is for sure one of the most interesting places in the world. Even if it only covers 14,000 km2 and has approximately 670,000 citizens, its contribution to world cultural heritage is impressive comparing to its size … Montenegro is a southern European and Mediterranean country. It is one of countries that comes on [...]


Real Estate in Greece

About Greece
Greece is a mountainous country in southeastern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Its total area is about 130,800 km. sq. The Greece is surrounded by the sea and the islands. The islands takes 20% of the whole country. This Mediterranean country has around about 1400 islands of which almost 200 are still inhabited. The [...]


Bulgarian real estates

About Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a small country located in South Central Europe, it is placed in the central part of Balkan Peninsula. It’s a part of European Union since 2007. On the west Bulgaria shares boarder with Serbia and Macedonia, on the south - with Turkey and Greece, with Romania on the north and there [...]