About Serbia

Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, on the most important route linking Europe and Asia, occupying an area of 88, 361 sq. km. Serbia is in the West European time zone (one hour ahead of Greenwich time). Its climate is temperate continental, with a gradual transition between the four seasons of the year. The length of Serbia’s border is 2,397 km. To the East Serbia borders with Bulgaria, to the North East with Romania, to the North with Hungary, to the West with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to the South with Albania and Macedonia.Serbia is referred to as the cross-roads of Europe. The international roads and railways passing down its river valleys make up the shortest link between Western and Central Europe, on the one side, and the Middle East, Asia and Africa, on the other. Hence the geopolitical importance of its territory.

Real Estate in Serbia

Buying Property in Serbia

Prices in Belgrade are the highest in the country, comparing with prices in the larger regional cities differences are reaching 60% and those in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica reaching only 70% of the value of comparable properties in Belgrade. Prices for apartments in the new, larger apartment buildings on the main New Belgrade boulevards range, depending on the exact location of the complex, the quality of the interior finishes and other amenities. Unlike all other neighboring countries, where foreigners have restricted rights over the ownership of land, in Serbia foreign and local individuals, as well as legal entities are treated equally.

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