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About Croatia

Croatia is located in Central Europe. Croatia is a Mediterranean country, bordering with Slovenia on the west, with Hungary on north, Serbia is on the east and on the south is located Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia has also got a very long sea-border with Italy through the Adriatic Sea. All of the Croatian borders has got 2,028 km total altogether. Croatia has got a very strange shape which is quite similar to a french croissant - it’s like no other country on the globe - what was a result of five hundred years of Ottoman expansion. The Ottoman (Turkish) empire were conquering towards Central Europe, but Croatians were never surrender to the Turks. The Croatian climate is wonderful. The Mediterranean weather comes along from the Adriatic coast, taking with itself incredibly warm dry summers and very mild winters. Croatians lives with 2,600 hours of yearly sunlight - it is one of the sunniest countries in Europe! Inside of the Croatia, the climate is constant with hot summers and very cold, snowy winters.

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Real Estates in Croatia

Croatia quickly became one of the most important places in the world to purchase real estate. People from Europe and World are finally made their dream true buying property in Croatia. All you need to do is to look at the stunning seascapes, breathtaking country scenery to fall in love with this country. The comparatively low prices to other similar countries in EU offered in this delightful investment can be unmatched. At this time, over a decade of independence, real estate market has never been more successful and investors and the adventurous people who are looking for their chance to own land or property in this once-hidden European gem. Everyone can find here something interesting and delightful – from Croatian beaches that are similar to those in Italy, France and Hawaii, to Croatian mountains and old fashioned towns - Croatia is an amazing place to begin the dream of your life. You have to remember - make sure you will equip yourself with the newest, recently updated info about local real estate offers. The proper strategies, and techniques are crucial to make sure that your investment will be successful. As everyone you want to avoid every of the most common mistakes on the Croatian property market. So that was the reason I’ve compiled some of offers from Croatia. Soon they will be available in this category “Croatia”.

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