About Romania

Romania is located in the south-east part of Central Europe. Romania is a part of European Union. Romania’s territory is covered mountains, hills, fertile plains and lots of lakes and rivers. The Carpathian Mountains are located the center of the country. Forests cover more than a quarter of the Romania and the fauna is one of the most beautiful in Europe including deers, lynx, bears and wolves. The Danube River is forming there one of the largest and the most impressive water lands in the world called the Danube Delta. Romania has a moderate climate, similar to this which is in the northern United States. There are four distinct seasons. There are some important regional differences in climate between other regions of Romania. Since centuries, the economy in Romania has been based on agriculture. Romania is a producer of coal, natural gas, iron ore and oil. The raw materials in this the country are a great potential for industrial progress.

Real Estate market in Romania

There are many real estate investment options in Romania. Tourist areas covers about the 150-mile Black Sea coast this is fantastic opportunities to invest. The Transylvanian suburbs are the alternative way for people who are looking to buy low quality properties for cheap prices. If the tourism market prices increases as planned, such properties could be used as holiday rentals. Romania presents the investor with an exceptional chance to earn some cash from the ascension of an eastern block country but the time line this opportunity is limited. With the amount of interested clients is very high it means that an investor could have bought and sold a real estate and earn a 10% profit in less then 2 weeks in the Romanian real estate market. Investors from Europe and from the United States were important to make 2008 the year with the highest known level of residential construction. Good local knowledge is very important. Remember that all the land registry documents must be very precisely and correctly filled because about 70 percent of land in Romania is still not properly registered.

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