Real Estates in Greece

About Greece

Greece is a mountainous country in southeastern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Its total area is about 130,800 km. sq. The Greece is surrounded by the sea and the islands. The islands takes 20% of the whole country. This Mediterranean country has around about 1400 islands of which almost 200 are still inhabited. The most of these islands are spreaded i between the Greek and Turkish coasts. Greece has a population of 10 million in which 4 million are living in Athens, the capital. Luckily for international investors, Greece is one of the poorest countries of the European Union. Greece’s economy has improved after the being a part of EU and integrated currency (the euro). No doubt Greece is an agricultural country, 22% of the workforce is employed in agriculture. The rest of workforce is directed 27% in industry and 50% in touristic services like hotels, travel agencies contributes most to the economy.

Greece map

Buying property in Greece

Greece is considered by many as the place to built their dream house. Greece has one of the most undescribable places like Greek islands, where Greece offers so much beauty, it can be ideal for the home you’ve always dream about. Through all Greece, you can find a great spectrum of various types of assets that are available for you to buy. Apartments, houses, villas and large fields of land you can find all over the Greece and the Greek islands. There are local real estate agents operating in Greece who can help you with any kind of information about the property market in Greece. Greece is also popular with those seeking to buy land on which to build their own house. There are many development companies in Greece that can help you to build the house of your dreams.

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