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About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country located in South Central Europe, it is placed in the central part of Balkan Peninsula. It’s a part of European Union since 2007. On the west Bulgaria shares boarder with Serbia and Macedonia, on the south - with Turkey and Greece, with Romania on the north and there is a Black Sea on the east (see the map below). Bulgaria has got 8 million population and it’s area is 111 000 sq.km. The Bulgarian climate is moderate and continental with four seasons. Bulgarian summer is hot and dry and winters are cold and snowy. Bulgaria features many pleasures for everyone. Active people can find themselves in swimming, skiing, riding, climbing… If you want to relax Bulgaria has amazing landscapes, sunny beaches. With it’s history and culture every lover of sightseeing will be satisfied, there are many monasteries and churches, historic towns and beautiful small villages. Ancient culture, endless beaches and an emerald sea, high mountains with marvelous gorges and caves, clear lakes and rivers full of fish, healing springs, wide valleys, ancient culture, diverse flora and fauna, hospitable people, tempting cuisine and wines… that’s the advantages the Bulgaria is famous with.

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Why to invest in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian property market is relatively cheap. It absorbs many investors’ attention from all over the world. Bulgaria offering a great climate for tourism. If you’re looking for a house, apartment or villa for vacations there are wide variety of properties available in Bulgaria. Many people are interested in buying property in Bulgaria for themselves. Of course people are buying properties in Bulgaria for personal use and as an investment. If you deciding to invest in Bulgarian real estates, the touristic places should be the right choice. Bulgaria has got both sea and ski tourism. That’s why the number of tourists has increased lately. The Bulgarian real estates market offers plenty of investment opportunities. According to the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction report, the prices of real estates in Bulgaria have increased by 145% in the last three years. The prices of apartments and houses in Bulgaria have risen by over 60% for the last year but they’re still many times lower comparing to all European Union countries. Bulgaria is going to be a part of the Euro zone at some point, it might happen as early as in 2010, and probably not later than 2012. So don’t miss your chance until it’s not too late.

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